Anomalous (a-nom-a-lous)
something that deviates from the general rule
or the usual type, an irregularity.


Born from the limitations of individual free-lance work, Anomalous unites a collective of multi-disciplinary creatives.

Encompassing general practitioners alongside deep specialists our collaborative nature finds solutions through research, design, concept development and production. 

Our space is a home for creativity, a multi-use venue available for hire for your next workshop, presentation or private event.  

We are Anomalous. Are you?



The Anomalous team manage projects, research, production and studio operation. Pairing experience with enthusiasm we challenge convention to form new collaborative working practices. 


The Anomalous collective covers a wide spectrum of research and production skills, with experience across a range of industries. Formed from a group of like minded friends and colleagues, we encompass general practitioners as well as deep specialists.